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app-phoneBefore I retire for the evening, I just want to let everyone know about a FANTASTIC app that has made eating low FODMAP so much easier.  It cost me $10.49, but quite seriously it has been well worth the money, and besides the money you pay goes straight back into research!   Unfortunately it is not yet available for Android users, but should be later in the year.

Some of you are probably asking what low FODMAP is by now. I’m not going to explain it here, instead, I’ll get you to follow the link to the Monash University website where they’ll explain it a whole lot better!.

The app has a food guide that can be tailored to your FODMAP intolerances, a recipe section and shopping list.  It also has a copy of their low FODMAP booklet and a section and  a challenge section where you can record your dietary intake and improvement/symptoms while eating your low FODMAP diet.

The developers say they will update the information every 12 months, so buy away to fund more research so that the eating guide grows!