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Today I was out from 10.30 and have popped home for 30 mins before taking miss 12 to sports training! Had to be able to feed miss 6 during that time, so…

I put 1kg diced beef and 4 pieces of shin beef into a casserole dish with whatever veggies I had in the fridge-tonight’s blend was: celeriac, pumpkin, spring onion, carrot , broccoli and tatsoi. I popped that in the dish with a tin of organic tinned diced tomato and 500ml The Stock Merchant grass fed beef stock. I then gave it a stir and popped it in the oven on 120 celcius and whamo, dinner was ready when we needed it!

In hindsight I would probably have put in 1 litre of stock, but it was still not dry but there wasn’t much gravy.

If you have a slow cooker this would work well in that too!

Have a great night x