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A super summer sorbet

Today was a gorgeous spring day in Tasmania. It was a much needed taste of summer as we’ve had very cold, windy weather up until now!

So when I got this lovely message and photo from one of my Thermomix customers I thought I should share!!!

Citrus sorbet! My first sorbet attempt and its divine!

Grapefruit, orange and mandarin.

I added a bit of extra sugar and also a pinch of salt to try to combat the bitterness of the grapefruit.

What are your favourite fruit combinations for your sorbet?



The benefits of oil pulling, and a “how to” guide.

Here is a blog post by Amy over at The Holistic Ingredient about oil pulling. Organic coconut oil can be purchased online and sent anywhere in Australia from

The Holistic Ingredient

As you know, this week The Holistic Ingredient herself has surrendered to the bliss that is the Gwinganna Health Retreat, a very well deserved break I need not add. So in Amy’s absence I would love to share with you a little about my own holistic health journey thus far. Thank you for welcoming me into your inbox. ~Sarah x

In January of this year I viewed a TED Talk detailing the concept of the 30 Day Challenge. As it happens, 30 days is just about the right amount of time to add a positive habit (or subtract a bad habit) to your life. Not being one for new year resolutions I decided that this would be a fun and interesting way to qualify some goals and mark 2013. And honestly, I may have started my “30 Day Challenge Challenge” with the idea that the journey would provide…

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My light lunch

Today I needed a quick lunch before a meeting…so this is what I had! A salad with organic baby cos from Tasmanian company York Town Organics, organic cucumber, egg, slivered almonds, sesame seeds, tuna in spring water (unfortunately not certified organic), gorgeous organic olives and a grated carrot and all topped with a dressing if organic toasted sesame oil, lemon juice and some Himalayan rock salt and pepper. Delicious!

Wilder + Hunt, ‘Curators of Real Food’


I just thought you might like to know about this restaurant that has recently opened in Auckland New Zealand.

The article is an interesting read about the trend of clean eating in New Zealand.

Paleo Providore, the online shop I have just opened, follows the same eating principals but also caters for other people who follow other diets such as vegan or low FODMAP.

My website can be found at  Come over and visit us there and like us on our Facebook !  There are more awesome products being added each week so keep checking back, or drop us a line if there is any specific you would like us to source for you!!!

paleo providore copy

ABC program Catalyst, “Toxic Sugar”

For those of you like me who didn’t realise this was on TV tonight, here is the link.

I’ve only watched a few minutes of it so far, but it was so good I needed to share it with you too x

ABC Catalyst Program on “Toxic Sugar”

I’ve recently opened an online health food shop called Paleo Providore.

Ipaleo providore copyf you are looking for foods low in fructose or sugar free we have a “shop by diet” section which has foods that are Low FODMAP (low fructose) and sugar free.

Find us at


The Paleo Diet

I’ve been asked by a few people recently for information on the Paleo diet.  Let me begin by saying that it is not my intention to provide an argument as to why you should follow the Paleo way of eating.  I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We have chosen to eat this way as it make sense to us. As you know, we have modified the diet to suit our own dietary needs. My intention is to share recipes I that I use to eat this way.

This however, is one of the first sites I went to for information.  Loren Cordain is considered to be one of the leading experts on the Paleolithic diet and has a number of books available on line and in bookshops (Birchall’s in Launceston keeps some stock).  I hope you find it interesting too.  Bron x


Tonight I cooked some cupcakes for the school lunch boxes this week. Much to my disgust the pink dye leached out of the wrapper onto the pan tin! YUCK!!!

I think the rest of these ones will be used for craft!

I’m getting some unbleached ones to cook cupcakes in from now on!