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Banana Icecream!


As I’ve just finished making this amazing icecream for my family, I thought it about time I shared.  It is paleo, dairy free, low FODMAP (and fructose) gluten free and raw!  The only catch is that you need a food processor or preferably (to make the job quicker) a Thermomix.

Our family has a tendency to only eat “just ripe” banana. When the weather is warming up, this poses a problem as they ripen fairly fast.  Instead of throwing them out, I just peel them, chop them up into about 2 cm rounds and freeze them.

When needed, I just bring them back out again, no defrosting needed.

Pop whatever quantity I require into the Thermomix (or food processor).

Add some macadamias and some cacao nibs into the bowl with the banana.

I then just blitz them in a Thermomix on speed 9 for about 15 seconds (or on high speed in a food processor), scrape the sides down and then again for another 15 seconds.  By this time the banana has become a smooth, delicious “icecream” with lovely bursts of cacao in it!

This will take longer in a food processor, just persist and keep scraping the sides down.

Of course you can use your imagination and make whatever combination of flavours you like.  I would love to hear your variations!  I have been know to put some dairy free choc chips in at the last minute as a big treat!

Enjoy this delicious, health treat x


Delicious Coconut Yoghurt

IMG_9722I just needed to quickly share my yoghurt success with you all.

I bought a yoghurt maker from along with some pure pectin and vegan culture.  It all arrived last night.  So before bed, after getting a consensus from Facebook on what type of yoghurt I should make, quickly popped on a batch of the coconut variety!

I have offered samples around to friends and received 100% thumbs up.  I find it quite rich, but think I will use it as an alternative to cream.


1 litre of the coconut cream

2 teaspoons of pure pectin

1 tablespoon of maple syrup

A “smidgen” of culture


Pop into the yoghurt maker

Plug it into the power and turn it on.

Leave for 8-12 hours.


In the morning I was greeted with this creamy, deliciousness!


Now to try rice milk!