A Yummy Citrus Asian Salad Dressing

Would be great with some of the contents of our veggie box this week x


Asian Citrus & 5 spice salad dressing Asian Citrus & 5 spice salad dressing

It’s nice to have an easy standby salad dressing on hand that has a bit of WOW factor to turn an ordinary salad into something more exotic. This is a good one. Normally I would mix up a Thai inspired combination of fish sauce, lime & sugar to give a salad an Asian bent but I was getting a bit bored of that. This recipe still has all of the salty, sweet & sour components but has also the aromatics of sesame & Chinese 5 spice.

Chinese 5 spice is used to season meats or vegetables (mainly meats) and is the trademark blend used for Siew Yoke – the crispy pork belly that you see hanging in the Chinese roast shops. The basic components are Sichuan pepper, fennel, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise but there are variations that include nutmeg,  pepper, and ground ginger too.

It is a pungent…

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