Soma Bites on Sale $5 each (usually $6.60)

Just letting you all know that with a looming Best Before date of 25th November, we thought there was no better excuse than to put these delicious morsels on sale!

Grab an absolute bargain!

A 100% certified organic bite-size superfood snack…

These delicious bites contain the superfoods Goji Berries and Chia Seed, a wholesome blend of Almond and Brazil Nuts perfectly interlaced with Medjool Dates, a sprinkling of Sesame Seeds and a Splash of Honey.

They provide a tantalizing taste-bud experience with truly beneficial effects on the inside!

The Superbite is not only super raw and super tasty, 3 bite-sized bundles of goodness are conveniently presented in a recyclable tube so you can bite one now… bite one later… bite one super later.

No cane sugar or preservatives.

Made in Australia


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